Austin Restaurant for a Date
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I'm looking for a good restaurant to take a date to in Austin. Suggestions?
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Not sure what style you're looking for. I think if I had a date plan I'd head to Magnolia Cafe on S. Congress. Or for something less classy but more greasy and fun, you may want to try the Alamo Drafthouse (food with movies & entertainment).

The only area I did not like was the Barton Springs Rd restaurants; too crowded and no place to park.
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Fonda San Miguel, Castle Hill, Wink (My current favorite)
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Price range? Atmosphere -- lively/romantic/??? First date? More info needed to answer.
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Lord_Pall's suggestions were great. I'd add Starlite, Aquarelle, and I've also had some luck with Trulucks. For a cheaper date, the Drafthouse is great as well. I love Magnolia for 3am post-partying snacks, but for a date place its not very romantic. Citysearch has some lists of romantic restaurants too, maybe check there.
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Jovita's. My god is that food good.
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I'm going to austin next week- FSM sunday brunch is a standard stop whenever I go. Could you provide a little more detail on your recommendations? For example, what kind of food is Jovita's?
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I can't say enough about Zoot's! So, I will leave you with the link.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the help so far!
It's a first date, and price doesn't really matter that much. Nothing too too fancy, just a nice place to eat and talk.
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Jovita's is mexican food. But if you are going to go for Mexican, then Curra's is the place. There are 2. one is much smaller than the other. So I would recommend the one in North Austin for a date. BTW...There can be quite a wait on the weekends to get in.
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I've always like Mars, but haven't been there in a while.
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Some Italian spots to balance out the other suggestions: Vespaio (usually very busy) or Tree House (not as much), each on different sections of South Congress. (Vespaio's location is fun for an apr├Ęs-meal walk, with plenty of boutique stores nearby.)
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These are all good suggestions. As I understand it, Aquarelle is extremely expensive; Wink is very expensive and has miniscule portions. The Alamo is great fun, but not a great first-date venue (though if you know for a fact that she'd be game, you could take her to a Sinus show).
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I forgot Vespaio, I went on a date there about a week ago and the food was excellent and reasonably price. Also, El Chile on Manor has some excellent "high-end" mexican food at an extremely reasonable price. Great atmosphere as well. And their drink menu is awesome.
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My second time time posting an answer and it's about food in Austin again. Go figure. This is actually a pretty tough question.

I love Wink, but it's small and expensive. Very expensive.
I love Vespaio, but it's concrete floor and tin ceiling make it a very loud place for a get-to-know-you date.
Fonda is a great choice, but make reservations. My wife and I waited for an hour on Friday.
For Mexican, I heartily endorse El Azteca on the East side for straight-up goodness, Polvo's on S. First for gritty ambience and damn fine food, Curra's for good Interior and Yucateca cuisine in a hippish environment and Vivo Cocina on Manor Rd. for the crack of salsas (if you like garlic), San Antonio style puffy tacos and a very hip environment. Vivo also gives every lady a rose as they walk out the door. Good for dates, but kinda loud.

My highest recommendation:
East Side Cafe - Ask the hostess for a quiet, out of the way table. The food is always fresh and tasty. The building is a beautiful, old house. The wine list is quite good. It's not my favorite restaurant, but it is excellent date place. The graden makes for a nice little stroll after dinner and possibly a moonlit smooch (though definitely better during the fertile seasons).
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I recommend El Sol y la Luna on South Congress Avenue. After dinner, you can walk over to Joe's for coffee and (sometimes) live music.
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