Help me replace my favorite candy ever: ginger licorice
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My favorite candy of all time appears to not be made anymore and my heart is full-on broken. Darrell Lea Ginger Licorice used to be available in the US at World Market stores; it's long gone from there and it appears from Darrell Lea's website that they don't make it anymore. I need to either find a stash somewhere or find a good replacement. Help!

What I love about this licorice: It's got a great texture-not too squishy but not too hard or chewy. It's sweet and a little spicy, but not too strongly flavored (it's all ginger flavor, no black licorice flavor). Similar candies I love: jujubes, Rowntree's fruit gums, and these weird black currant candies I found at Ikea. Most gummy candies are too squishy for me to really love. While I like sour or strongly flavored fruit candy sometimes, that's not what I'm after here....any recommendations?
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Gin Gin candies might fill the bill--
find them at Whole Foods .
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Gin Gins aren't satisfyingly chewy. Have you tried Kasugai fruit gummies? I really like them. The flavor is amazing. I wish they were a teeny bit chewier and not individually wrapped, but definitely worth trying. I see you're in the PNW; if you're near Shoreline, Central Market has them. They're also at pretty much any Asian grocery.
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I ran across these peanut butter ginger chews a few years ago, and have kept a stock ever since.

They aren't overwhelmingly sweet, and the texture is kind of like a hard taffy.
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If you know anyone in the UK, maybe they'll be willing to send you these?
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Dutch licorice with ginger is likely to be very different than what the poster is asking about, given that they say specifically "no black licorice flavor."
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Like many previous answers, I know this isn't exactly what you want. It is, however, delicious.
Haribo ginger-lemon gummies are a good foreign-gummy-bear texture, a bit chewier/stretchier than jujubes but more solid than American gummy bears - probably fits okay, but it's gelatin based, which means springier than licorice. The flavor is fruity (which you don't want) but also distinctly spicy/gingery (yum!). Like ginger-lemon tea in a gummy.
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You might find a reasonable replacement here: Candy you ate as a kid
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Perhaps Prince of Peace Ginger Candy? It doesn't have the same consistency as licorice (it's more like a stiff gummy), but it's definitely good and gingery.
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Chimes Ginger Chews might have the right flavor but could be too chewy for you ( Could be worth a shot, though!
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Reed's ginger chews--the ones in a box that looks like a carton of cigarettes, not a bag--may scratch the itch. They're a little tougher than jujubes but in that approximate range.
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Look for candies made with gum arabic rather than gelatin or agar.
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How about straight-up candied ginger, available in just about any baking aisle?
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