Safest way to get from Austin airport to UT Austin?
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Given the flooding today, which route is safest/fastest to get from the airport to UT Austin? Are 71 and 183 moving in the downtown direction?
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Unless you absolutely have to be there, stay where you're dry and above the water. Another band of rain is expected about 8 pm and most things are closed/cancelled.

Having said that, as a resident of SE Austin, I would take 71 to 53, exit 35 north of the river but before the split, and proceed on surface streets. Do not take 183; it's flooded in places (including under 71).

Most important: Be safe! Don't drown, turn around. Nothing you're doing is worth risking your life.
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You'd be fine taking 71 west to I 35 north. Exit at either MLK or Dean Keaton. Airport boulevard is shorter/less stressful traffic-wise but does have some low spots that have nearly swamped me in recent storms.
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Do you know for a fact that your flight will be departing (or arriving, as the case may be)? ABIA was shut down for a while today, the control tower took rain damage, and they're on limited capacity right now.
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