Flying Fox Fill-in!
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Lush recently canceled my favourite shower gel / de facto "perfume", Flying Fox. Help me find a great equivalent!

In what has to be a fit of corporate insanity, Lush has pulled from the shelves my very favourite shower gel, and I'm left bereft and without a good alternative. I tried buying their solid perfume "Lust" which is supposed to smell very similar, but the scent only seems to last 5 minutes before it peters out to a vaguely lip-balmy smell. The salesgirl at Lush also recommended I try their "Godiva" shampoo bar claiming it can also be used on body, but I hate the consistency of their shampoo bars. Help me find a great alternate!

Things I loved about Flying Fox:
-Honey and other ingredients left my skin super soft
-Delicious jasmine-y scent was surprisingly long-lasting! I'd shower in the morning and it'd basically be a light perfume for me the rest of the day.
-Wonderful scent that was fresh, comforting, and not overwhelming.
-Natural ingredients
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Best answer: The search term you're looking for is "dupe." Here are some shops that offer Flying Fox dupes: one, two, three. Hope you find something you love just as much as the original!
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Terranova's Pikake has a fragrance that's similar, and they do make a body wash, though I've not tried it.
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Best answer: Ahhh! That is my favorite scent of all time, sad to see it's discontinued. My favorite dupe I've tried is Queen Bee Trading Co's Foxy Foxy. Get the "Choose Your Own Scent" bodywash and request that scent.

They also do lotions, conditioner, argan oil, etc etc etc so you can smell like honeyed up jasmine all over.
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Nooooo! I love that scent!

Mad City Sue has a variety of Lush dupes, including Flying Fox. I've never tried them, but people on the Lush forums rave about her products.
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Best answer: Don't even get me started on Lush canceling every single thing I ever like. They've been putting forth a concerted effort to remove everything I can possibly buy from that place for years now.

Anyway, advice: if you can find it either in-store or online (they sometimes have revived, closeout, retro sections that come and go from the websites), buy a half dozen of the huge ones and freeze them, after draining off a bit to make space for expansion. You should also ask the staff: they often have secret caches.

(I just cracked open a bottle of 2011 vintage Glogg that's been in the freezer ever since and it's still perfect.)
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Best answer: I have a small bottle of the shower gel. If you want to MeMail me an address I'll totally send it to you. I bought two bottles and loved it at first but over time it made my shower curtain smell weird.
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Response by poster: Thanks all! Just ordered a bunch of stuff from Queen Bee Trading Co :)
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