Where should I buy a cabin?
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I live in Los Angeles, and am thinking about buying a family cabin. Where should we look?

Our goal would be to find something for less than $200K, somewhere within about four hours north of LA and about six hours south of the Bay Area. We generally prefer woodsiness and less desertiness, and don't mind relative isolation. We're vaguely considering the area north of Lake Isabella and generally Sequoia National Forest, but haven't spent much time in either area yet. Have any experiences those places, or suggestions?
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(to be clear, we need it north of LA, rather than south or east, simply so that our family from the Bay Area can join us there conveniently)
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I live in LA and went up to Sequoia a couple months ago. I really enjoyed it. Wasn't too terribly crowded and obviously gorgeous scenery.

The town of Three Rivers is right outside the park entrance, and almost exactly four hours north of LA and four hours south of the Bay. It's a cute little town, and pretty rural but still has a few grocery stores, shopping, and several pretty good places to eat and drink. Don't know much about the real estate market there but this place is asking just north of 200k so that's a good sign.
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I like Mt Frazier Park, just off the 5 fwy. Mount Pinos area.
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There is some nice stuff near Kings Canyon up in that area.
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My friend enjoys her cabin in Kern River area.
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My in-laws have a cabin at Shaver Lake. They live in the Thousand Oaks area, so the drive's 4-5 hours, which is about the limit that I'd be willing to deal with regularly. The place is small and quite nice, surrounded by pines. It's more village-like and less isolated feeling than some of the places further up in (gorgeous, unparalleled) Kings Canyon can be.
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