What's your online source for generic/low-cost heartworm meds for dogs?
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I can get the meds from my vet, but I feel like I can probably get them cheaper online (vet price is about $70/6-month supply) and the lady at the vet is unpleasant.

My old girl is on Heartgard now, but I don't think she'd have trouble switching to something else if something else is cheaper. I've poked around online and get lots of sketchy "out of stock" notices and bait-and-switchy crap, so I don't really know where to go or what to get or who's reputable.
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We get Heartgard online from PetFlow.com. It's $36-55 for 6 months worth, dependent upon the size of the dog. Even cheaper for a year's supply. I've used them for medications as well as prescription food. They have an excellent auto-ship feature so you never run out. Here's a coupon code:

Use code BTAUTO20 at checkout to receive 20% off your first order when you sign up for the Auto-Ship program. Min $15 purchase to activate checkout. Free shipping $49+ after discounts. Cannot be combined with any other coupons. Offer ends on 11/18/2015.
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I use Sentinel Spectrum for my dog, it's heartworm and flea protection in one chewy bit. I used to order from 1800PetMeds at 6 for $50 until I found out my vet (who is pleasant) will match online price and now I just buy them straight from the vet. Worth asking.
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I use kvsupply.com for sentinel - both recommended by someone who shows the breed I own. My vet doesn't carry it, so they were fine with me ordering it from someplace else. Kvsupply will fax your vet to get the prescription.
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I use petcarechoice.com. It's a Canadian pet pharmacy that my sister-in-law recommended. It's not *that* much cheaper than the vet, but it's worth it for things like flea medicine for the cats.
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Heartgard and other heartworm preventatives (HWP) are prescription medications, as it is vitally important to ensure that your pet does not have adult heartworms when you give the medication, as the adult worms can cause a fatal blockage in the pulmonary arteries when they die. For this reason, any reputable site that sells HWP will require a written prescription from your vet annually. If the staff at your vet's office are unpleasant, this can be a pain in the neck, as you are relying on them to send information to the vendor before the vendor can ship to you. For this reason I would suggest talking to your vet or their Practice Manager about the issues you are having with their staff, and to see if they will match the prices you can find online.
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Response by poster: I suspected there might be a prescription issue, so it looks like I might as well just pay the grumpy lady at the vet. Thanks, everybody.
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