In search of a VIM (Very Important Monkey)
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Our car was broken into today; my husband's bag containing our unimaginably beloved stuffed monkey Theo was inside. Here he is at our wedding with our frog Nelson. We will be heartbroken forever if we can't replace him. He is a Japanese plush designed by Gomi Taro named Saru Rururu that has been discontinued. Other than Ebay and Amazong where else can I look to hunt him down?

He used to be on Amazon and has popped up on Ebay. I'll keep searching there.

Are there Japanese toy forums? Communities for rare plushes? Money is next to no object. As you can see from the multitude of photos , he's a pretty popular little guy. Surely someone out there (maybe in Japan?) has one they would sell to us.

Dear AskMe, how do we find that somebody before we die of broken hearts?
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Oh, also Theo is the 9" version, not the 13" or 4.5".
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Awww! :( I hope you can find one.

IIRC, eBay is unheard of in Japan; maybe try Yahoo Auctions. I see it listed on some toy websites, but as out of stock. I found a little one that claims to be in stock, but I guess it's too small. You might try contacting HobbyLink Japan.
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I think they have him in stock in Rakuten. You can buy it through White Rabbit Express.
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Ugh, forget it. I didn't see it was sold out :( I'm sorry.
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They have a very similar one (he has pants!) here. It's a "flea market" app, so you'd probably need an intermediary like White Rabbit.
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I would think that if you have enough photos you can get a specialist to hand make one for you.
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I tried Rakuten (the most popular online seller in Japan) but no luck. For used stuff, Yahoo Japan Auctions is the place to go, but I couldn't find anything there. Still, I think that's where you want to keep a look out for him.

If you need help communicating in Japanese, please shoot me a memail!
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Reddit has a subredit for your city; if you post there about the lost monkey, there is a small but non-zero chance that someone can find the actual monkey. Also, craigslist. I love metafilter, but reddit/craigslist can really get numbers on your side.
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I also offer my help with Japanese. Plus I'm in Japan for another week, so if you do find it somewhere offline, maybe I can help.
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I bought that very monkey at Black Ink in Boston some years back. Give them a ring, maybe they still carry them or have old stock left over. They also have a store in Cambridge - check with them too.

I remember also seeing that monkey in both sizes at a Japanese gift store on Porter Square in Cambridge - that's another option for you.
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