Children's picture books and unconventional materials
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I'm looking for children's books that incorporate the unexpected (food, especially) into their illustrations.

Do you know of any picture book illustrators who specialize in unconventional materials? Has anyone has painted a strawberry out of actual fruit pulp?
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Jeannie Baker illustrates her books with collages. Here are some examples. On this page on her website, she talks about the materials she uses:
The collages are created from a combination of natural and artificial materials. Where I can I like to use textures from the actual materials portrayed ­ such as bark, feathers, cracked paint, earth, knitted wool, tin so that their natural textures become an integral part of the work. The vegetation used is often natural. Using plants was a problem at first but I have learnt how to preserve them so they last and I add permanent colour.
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Pat the bunny is a classic.
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Fast Food.
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Possibly not quite what you were thinking of, but Emily Gravett used rat urine in the process of illustrating Little Mouse's Big Book of Fears.
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I don't know that it's just for kids, but Play With Your Food is always amusing.
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There's a series of food related board books, and the illustrations look like the food is made of paper and fabric. I can't link right now but look for Yum yum dim sum, Chaat and Sweets, and Let's Nosh. Those are the titles I remember offhand. My child loves these.
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Patrick McDonnell's ( he does the Mutts strip) A Perfectly Messed Up Story.
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I second A Perfectly Messed Up Story. My 4 year old daughter loves it.
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It's not hidden like fruit-pulp strawberries or rat urine (!). But there's the How Are You Peeling books. The author used fruits to show various emotions.

Also, Lois Ehlert's books are beautiful and often contain images that are made from mixed media. Leaf Man features characters and landscapes made from fall leaves.
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The Apple Doll is beautifully illustrated with collage art. It's not food, but it's very pretty.
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A Fine Dessert: Four Centuries, Four Families, One Delicious Treat uses real blackberry juice in the illustrations. It's a wonderful book that came out this year.
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Thank you all!
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