Seeking awesome washable slippers
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I've lost two pairs of slippers recently to gross substances. I need recommendations for women's slippers I can wash, that will keep my feet warm, and that won't be ruined if I wear them to take out the trash.

I'm not super into Crocs, but if there's a pair that will meet all my requirements, I'll look into it. I probably won't wear socks with them. My last two pairs were harder-soled ones from Lands End and L.L. Bean.
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Well, they are on sale.

The lining is removable, so that also helps with um, losing them to gross substances. :/
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A also came in to say crocs. I've always been a cold foot person, in fact, I'm sitting here right now with my feet on a hot water bottle. I resisted crocs for a long time because they don't seem like they would be warm, but I got a pair lined with fleece and I'm shocked by who warm they keep my feet. I mean usually I can feel the cold of a floor through slippers and even through some shoes (and not just tile floors, even wood floors). But with the crocs, no cold floor problem at all. And of course you can wear them outside. If I have to wash them I try to just wet and brush off the soles, so they dry faster.
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I am an anti-slipper AND anti-Crocs person, and I own and love a pair of those very shoes, ugly as they are. (And they are so ugly, in fact, that some friends made a short film in which their ugliness was a plot point.) I feel exactly the same way: the ideal slippers need to be easy to slip in and out of, and they're useless if you can't run out to drop one last something or other in the bin before hopping into the shower.

Bonus: my kid loves sticking her fingers in the little holes.
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Came to shyly recommend the Croc Blitzens as well, assuming I'd be the only person that would, boy was I pleasantly surprised. The linings are washable and I've even thrown the rubbery parts in the washing machine when I've had to. They just keep going & going. Add to that they are super comfy & the croc material is a great insulator & so nice & toasty feet.
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I agree about the CROCS, but they made my feet sweat and then that made them feel cold. I have the same problem as you.
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I've put my Uggs, knock off uggs, wool slippers with nice hard soles and cheap isotoner fleece slippers into the washing machine on cold, delicate cycle and a bit of detergent then air dry. They come out fine and clean.
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I have a pair of white Isotoner slippers that I put into the wash every wash. They come out squeaky clean. They go into the wash, and into the dryer, and are still just as comfy as when I first bought them well over a year ago. If they are particularly dirty, I will let them linger in a wash basin with Tide and OXY Clean for 20 minutes before engaging a full wash cycle.

Otherwise, I also have a pair of sheepskin slippers. I wore mine for a few years before they got quite grimy. I threw them into the wash, with a scoop of Tide, and let them sit for 30 minutes before engaging a full wash. I let them air-dry and they are as good as new. They were a bit tight when I first put them on, but leather stretches. Now they are as good as before - clean too.
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I prefer sanuks to crocs as they are natural upper. Fully wash and dry-able.
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ACORN slippers have a rubber bottom and washable top. They'd probably not last long if you washed them every week or dried them on high heat, but washing occasionally has been fine for us.
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Halflingers! Warm, washable, durable. I haven't worn anything else in at least ten years, probably get a new pair every 18 months or so.
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