Extracting XML schema documentation into lovely documentation
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Help me figure out how to extract an XML schema in a .dtd file into lovely XML documentation.

I have found several possible ways of doing this, ranging from command line fiddling like xsddoc to more modern approaches like Stylus studio and yet none of them have seemed to work for me.

I'm looking for nice library style results where all of the elements and tags are cross referenced and extracted automatically. Something freeware would be most desirable.

Any ideas?
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Unfortunately most of the schema documentation generators I've seen are based in XSLT and use RelaxNG/W3C Schema, not DTD.

Apparently Trang can convert DTDs to W3C Schema though, so that might get you in. It's a Java package which is also in Debian (though the main Trang site seems to be down now).
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This might be of use: visual representations of DTDs using Matra, an open-source program.
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