12" Rey action figure?
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I can't believe I'm using an ask on this but I can't google an answer on it. Is there a 12 inch action figure available for the Rey character in Star Wars? I want to get my daughter Finn and Rey as a pair of 12" dolls and Amazon has plenty of 12" Finns, but I can only find a 3.5" Rey there, and poking around online, I can't find anywhere selling or confirming that there is a 12" action figure for Rey - am I using the wrong name or is it possible that there really isn't a matching 12" figure for her?
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Nope, looks like the first wave of toys has no 12" Rey. There probably will be in December, or January, or May or whatever. These things always come in clusters to keep you looking forever.

There are 6" versions of both Rey and Finn now, however.

Personally, I think the plastic 3.5 inch figures are the definitive, iconic Star Wars toys, but then again I am old, get off my Yavin, etc.
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I am surprised at the amount of throatclosing anger I feel about that. Like they decided a 12" Chewbacca was more important than a 12" female action figure for the only significant young female character for children. I was holding the box with the Finn doll and just so happy looking at him and thinking how my kid could play with a doll who looked like several adults in her daily life! And have a matching kickass Rey doll, which I assumed was buried behind the racks of Chewies and various Darths.

But she's literally smaller and an afterthought. Fuck you, Lucas.

Back to the drawing board for her birthday.
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And um thank you rokusan, this is rage at Lucas, not your very helpful answer!
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@rokusan has already answered the question, but I just wanted to add that I don't think Lucas had anything to do with this decision. I believe he sold all rights, including merchandise, to Disney.
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Like they decided a 12" Chewbacca was more important than a 12" female action figure for the only significant young female character for children.

They didn't decide that Chewie was more important as such, but their business metrics probably indicated that his figure would sell well in the initial frenzy to buy Star Wars merch. The release of certain characters is based on their math about which characters will be popular, at what time of release, all the way down to what quantity to produce. It was probably calculated that the Rey figure would sell better closer to the movie release.

From what I can find online, Rey will be in Wave 3 of the 12" figures, available in December.

It may be no less frustrating, but at least you know when to look.
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