English-language podcasts not from the U.S., the CBC, or the BBC?
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Since I’ve started enjoying A(ustralian)BC’s Soundproof podcast I've come to realize that beyond the CBC and BBC, my podcasts are very U.S.-centric. What are some good English-language podcasts from other parts of the globe? While news roundtables like Sinica are good, I'm primarily interested in spoken word or well-produced radio pieces, like Everything Is Stories, This Is Actually Happening, Love + Radio, and Unfictional. Thanks!
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I follow all of the podcasts you mention here, and I would like to learn of ones that are similar in format.

Radio New Zealand has a great Sunday morning lineup, with lots of news from an Oceania perspective.

The Guardian has a ton of interesting podcast content, notably the Politics Weekly podcast, the Guardian Long Read, and Guardian Books. Financial Times also has an excellent weekly podcast, and the New Yorker has a lot of poetry and fiction on SoundCloud.

The Strangers podcast also should not be missed.
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Ireland's RTÉ Radio has a good documentary podcast and The Curious Ear, a shorter format. Lots of other stuff in their archives.
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The Osher Gunsberg podcast, from Australia. Format is a weekly interview.
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ABC Radio National's The Night Air ended its run in 2012, but the archives are online and the format and topics don't really date. Soundproof and Radiotonic pick up where it left off.
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I've considered posting this very question, so thanks!

Possibly useful links: Global Voices, The Life of a Song from (of all people) the Financial Times.
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