Found a black metal ring in a urinal--is this a sex accessory?
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OK, so I saw this black metal ring sitting in a urinal at a grocery store. Kind of an odd place for one. I'm curious if this is some sort of sex-related accessory that I'm not familiar with, or if it's just some random chain link that happened to end up in a urinal. It was about an inch in diameter. There's a small break in it. Pics are here.
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I would say definitely not. I have not seen anything like that for sale as a sex accessory. Something that narrow would pinch sensitive skin and cut off circulation. Looks like a broken hair tie to me. Are you sure it's metal?
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That's the handle that you can use to pull the red mat out of the urinal so that you can clean the urinal underneath it.
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Response by poster: It was definitely metal, and it was definitely not part of the mat--normally there's nothing in there.
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That looks like a hoop earring to me. The silver part goes through the ear piercing.
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that just looks like a regular ol' snap ring. somebody probably rebuilt a motor bearing, stuck the old ring in their pocket, noticed it while they were doing their business, and chucked it in the urinal.
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I see a snap ring too, among the pissy bubbles and stray pubes.
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Though I tend to be more spartan in my own genital accesorization, I've encountered a wide range of erotic appliances in the wild. This is not from that family.
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