Transitioning to a pink bob - more hair probs!
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What's the best way to transition from a grown out pixie to a bob? Do you have a low maintenance bob? I want an undercut bob that's pink. Get me from here to there!

I LOVE my undercut (old photo). BUT I'm dealing with chronic illness which means I can't get into the salon as much as I need to. I can't trim the back myself and my husband refuses to buzz me (for fear of messing it up.)

So, since it's now crazy grown out (I'm talking nearly 2 inches on the sides when it should be close to buzzed) AND since I'm past due to dye it again, I'm considering transitioning to an undercut bob. Like This or This or This but all pink.

Right now I'm thinking of:
1) Dying it all pink so it looks like it's supposed to be this long.
2) Growing it out a bit more and pushing the long top over to the side (similar to this)
3) Seing my stylist eventually to start shaping it toward an undercut bob. At a certain point I can move my dramatic side part toward a more normal side part. So there will be length on both sides.
4) Once I have the bob shaped and thinned (I have crazy thick hair) then my husband MAY be comfortable doing the undercut part in back since it's under other hair OR I may be able to trim it myself by pinning the rest up carefully, and I can thin and trim it myself between appointments. (I cut my hair like this in the past by myself.)

Also part of my transition plan includes my current status of hiding it under a bandana or hat. But I think if it's all pink it looks more intentional.

So, does that sound like a good grow out plan?
What are some good low-maintenance, short, easily trimmed or thinned, undercut bob styles like the ones linked above? (I HATE having to style my thick and wavy hair but it seems like easier upkeep than what I currently have. If it truly looked good I'd buzz the whole thing.)
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As someone who's had many hairstyles and colors professionally done, I recommend seeing what your stylist recommends if you trust them due to proven quality and happiness. I know that's not the specific suggestion you were looking for but I've found it to be best in terms of end result as well as a cut that lasts. My best-ever stylist stopped cutting hair a few years ago and I've been struggling to find one whose vision matches mine; others have meant well and tried hard but something always feels off (or just looks awful!?) Therefore, I'd see what your go-to recommends knowing that you're looking for something that looks good and that lasts for months and months.

(And, gosh, you have great hair!)
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My partner also has very thick hair (although in their case, it's also very straight) and currently keeps it in an undercut bob, like this. In their case, that's partly in order to be able to have stealth colorful hair--the buzzed part was dyed purple for a long time and hidden under the natural brown-black--and partly in order to get it to be manageable while short.

It requires basically no day to day upkeep and transitions nicely between a conservative-for-work and a more alternative-style wolf-tail look depending on how my partner is feeling, which is an awesome plus. I usually buzz it myself, and I am NOT comfortable with hair--but as long as it's tied up first and I carefully follow the undercut line and put the right clipper guard on the clippers, it's totally fine. The undercut is the only part that requires much upkeep; I don't think my partner's had an actual trim of the long bit for something like two or three months.
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Just wanted to chime in about the color - I recently discovered Overtone which has helped me stay red with nearly zero maintenance for 5 weeks already. I would have had to had my hair dyed again by now if not for Overtone. So once you get to your desired pink, use it to maintain!
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Alright, did my hair pink. (Told you it was grown out.) It already feels like it's supposed to look this way but definitely still interested in undercut bob styles to bring to my stylist in a few months. Hooray!
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Soooo cute! The color looks great.

I really like this style that you linked to, and I think it would be easy to get this with an undercut version of the pixie you have now. I'd aim for something like Robyn's hair. which is already somewhere half between a pixie and a bob. You can keep the sides short until the top and bangs get as long as you want, then start transitioning to a full bob.

I just got about two feet of my hair chopped off into a long pixie. I also have thick, wavy hair so I totally feel your styling woes. Also, I am sorry your are going through some health woes. I know when I feel not 100% making sure I look good goes a long way.
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You're hair actually looks awesome, and that's a stellar color. I'm bookmarking and taking it to my stylist.
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