What book(s) is the bible as a real estate investment primer?
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I don't want any get rich quick book, I just want to understand all the different aspects and terminology in the real estate industry from the perspective of someone who is making this their business.

I own a dozen rental properties for 8 years and I have done fine, but I want to expand my business. I have the capital and the time, but I want to educate myself on all the different aspects involved and I want a book that mefi recommends because I trust mefi, and I don't trust random people I am a member of biggerpockets.com but I think this question might be more appropriate here. I almost want a "newbie" book so that I can just make sure I have all the basics down pat before I expand. So please recommend me a high quality no-nonsense book on real estate investment (I specifically want books on buying and owning property, I will not be the landlord but rather the CEO, although I do want to educate myself on all facets of real estate ie, flipping, rehabbing, realtor, investing, developing, principles, rules of thumb, calculations common in the industry, pitfalls etc). Thanks.
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I highly recommend "How Real Estate Developers Think". It is expensive but worth it because you are able to get at the heart of the CEO role for this very diverse industry. Also cannot recommend enough to meet with a bankruptcy lawyer and get insights as to why real estate developer go bust.
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