ios 5.1.1 ipad - Help Me Get My Pdf's from my PC to Device
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Other than using itunes. It's so complicated. I remember there were a few programs out there where you could just usb the ipad to pc, check what you want and do the transfer seamlessly.

Or do I have no choice but to copy and move through itunes?
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Not exactly what you're asking for, but I use this app to accomplish this via wi-fi. I believe you can also do it via iBooks, though without my iPad in front of me, I can't remember what I did. Finally, if you have the Kindle app, that also provides a way for you to email your pdfs to Kindle, then have them show up in your account. Again, not USB, but one of these might suit your needs.
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To do it through iBooks, you still need to sync via iTunes.

Actually it's probably easier nowadays to use Dropbox or another cloud storage service of some kind with an iOS app. That's what I do mostly.
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Been trying to get ipad first gen to synch with any kind of cloud - and then to download directly to ipad - without success.
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gilbert - that app is for media. I need an app or program that will synch between pc and ipad first gen to move pdf files.
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Not sure what apps are still supported on iOS 5, but Dropbox has the syncing part down, and any PDF you launch there will open in your PDF viewer of choice. GoodReader is another PDF viewer that can use Dropbox as a source.
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If you want to avoid iTunes, you'll need a 3rd party utility that can traverse the iPad filesystem, Apple have as-per made this difficult outside of their specific parameters.

iFunbox is free and can possibly do what you want. It also has an advanced full filesystem mode, however this requires the device to be jailbroken. I reckon the PDFs will be stored in individual application 'sandboxes' which you can access without the jailbreak. As it's free and fairly straightforward to use, I'd download it and give it a go.
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Download the free Kindle app. You can then email any document to your special email-to-kindle address.
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Dropbox app, or attach the file to an email, email it to yourself, and then open it in ibooks on your phone.
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here's what I do to transfer files from a PC to a 1rst gen ipad -

small file - mail it to myself & open the mail in ipad (and open in iBooks)
large file - upload to dropbox & mail public link to myself & open mail in ipad and download from link (and open in iBooks)

(since so many apps don't work in the 1rst gen ipad, I go as low tech as possible)
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