Plus size curvy fit jeans with substance?
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I've finally worn out my beloved Levis 580 bootcut jeans, only to find out that in the last few years they've started making them with that super-thin stretchy fabric that I hesitate to call "denim." I'd already abandoned most plus-size jeans for that reason. Is anyone still making a heavier jean with a little stretch?

Fabric-wise, my old Levis are 98% cotton, 2% spandex. I want a bit of stretch, but in jeans I don't want that "it's just like wearing yoga pants!" feeling. I like a bit of resistance to my denim, I guess. Also, no tummy panels or other weird shaping mechanisms.

Fit challenges: I'm a pear shape, with a post-baby belly, so curvy fit is usually my game. Nothing lower than mid-rise. Bootcut. Size 18-22 depending on brand.
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Gloria Vanderbilt's Amanda jeans at Kohl's are not too stretchy. The styles and features really vary though, so try different stores or different times of the year.
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Talbots has a GREAT plus size jean. They are pricey but they have great online sales pretty frequently, and they never seem to wear out so you get what you pay for.
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LL Bean Favorite Fit fits me and I usually wear curvy fit. Very substantial denim. Unfortunately I cannot check the size range right now because the website is wonky.
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About half of my Kut from the Kloth jeans are like you want. I have one pair of bandolino that are like that.
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I have a pair from Cato's that are way thicker than all of my other blue jeans. It definitely surprised me when I put them on to see how substantial they are. I'd resigned myself to thin jeans too. I also wear bootcut and I checked their website, they have several different styles.

I'm about your shape and size, but Cato's jeans (at least this pair) seem to run small; this pair is a size 26 and it fits like all of my other 24s. Hard to beat for the price.
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Talbots plus size jeans are indeed great. I love them, and you can get them on eBay as well as from Talbots sales. I wash mine in cold water inside out and hang to dry. All of my Talbots jeans and pants wear like iron.
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Surprisingly, the Sweetheart jeans at Old Navy are excellent. They fit my belly- and bootylicious self perfectly and are a thick(er) denim than others I've worn.
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NYDJ has both thick and thin denim, and I find their fit amazing-once you find your proper size.
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Honestly, Lane Bryant's jeans are my favorite brand of jeans (even as I complain about everything else they sell). I swear by their non-debazzled bootcut style and have also been happy with their straight leg, no-fancy-tummy-panel jeans too.
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I loved the Silver jeans from Torrid a few years ago. I'm not sure if they still carry them, but they were great fitting and a solid feel.
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The Winding Road wash is still 99% cotton, 1% elastane.

(I wear the same jeans as you and am clinging to these for dear life.) is also good; I've had success with them. Just measure carefully.
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Update: I ordered the L.L. Bean Favorite Fit True Shape jeans. They fit decently well and the fabric was a little lighter than I wanted, but not bad. They lost points for being really plain and for a kind of ridiculously high rise. Even with my baby belly, they came up over my belly button - and I'm 5'8". I think I'll send them back because the front waistband keeps folding over.

I'm going to try some of your other suggestions now. Thanks for all the tips!
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I ended up with the Levis 580 in the Winding Road wash. They're ok. Still too lightweight, but at least they fit and didn't seem to stretch out too much on first wear. They are not the same as my old 580s, but I think I need to look at cowgirl jeans like Wrangler if I want a sturdier denim.
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