Cozy (but dark) relationships/life advice podcasts?
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Yes, the title is strange, I know, but I will explain: I'm looking for podcasts in which the host is either reading people's letters to them, or taking people's calls, giving advice. The host could either be just a layperson or a psychologist/sociologist/etc. Full explanation inside.

What I mean by "cozy" is that I'd like for the podcast to have a calming, familiar quality to it and that each episode would be lengthy (I commute a lot and like to really get lost in the episode). What I mean by "dark" is that it will not necessarily deal with dark subjects ALL of the time, but that it will not shy away from it, and I am not looking for a comedy podcast.

The country doesn't matter to me as long as it is in English. Thanks in advanced.
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Dear Sugar fits all the criteria except most eps are about 40 minutes long.
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I assume you're already listening to the Savage Love podcast. If not, that.
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The Struggle Bus!
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It's not an advice/letter podcast, so maybe not, but I wonder if would be to your liking? Each episode is an interview about life and relationships. It gets pretty personal.
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I really, really recommend WNYC's Death, Sex & Money. I think it might have exactly what you're looking for!
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If you like dubious advice, and can ignore that it's labeled a "comedy podcast" - which was entirely because there were fewer categories and the podcasters were tired of having to choose sub-categories - check out Dear Hank and John.

It's John Green (author of The Fault In Our Stars & Paper Towns & more) and Hank Green (his brother, who has many companies and jobs), and the majority of the podcast is reading letters and offering dubious advice.

I love it, but it's a little niche and not 100% dubious advice. Oh, and it gets really dark at times. Most episodes include a discussion about mortality and philosophy.
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