Giving my bicycle some TLC
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What are the best free streaming videos (YouTube, vimeo, etc) on basic bicycle maintenance, tune-up, and that ol' tender loving care?

I used to do 20-40 mile rides five or six times a week - and then left that behind because of "other priorities" (I kept up with other fitness, just not long bike rides). Meh. Sadly, my bicycle (a 2010 Trek 7.2 WSD, hybrid but more road than mountain, 17") has been in garage storage, mostly untouched, for the past year. In the past, when I needed maintenance/repair help, I had a knowledgeable friend to call on. He now lives across the country.

I want to spend a few hours showing my bicycle some love and tuning it up.
And then RIDE it in this beautiful autumn weather!

But despite my years of riding, I never put in the time to learn how to maintain it on my own.

What are the best free videos I can watch on Youtube (and the like) to show me basic bicycle maintenance and tune up? I plan on picking up a few bicycle maintenance manuals from the library today, too, but prefer videos for optimal learning.

Things I know my bike needs and am looking for videos on:
- New tires (the sidewalls are worn)
- Fresh tubes
- An overall cleaning of the frame (there are some minor black rub marks and scratches here and there- it'd be nice to get it looking a bit spiffy again)
- Assurance that the derailleur parts are lubed and all in good order
- Assurance that the brake cables and pads are all in good order

What else?

As far as available equipment/resources, I have a basic bicycle tool set, gear lube, a bicycle stand but not a work stand/rack (I'll probably just flip it upside down when working on it), and will be picking up new tires and tubes.

Note: The gears still seem to shift well, the brake cable and pads feel like they're working well but I also don't know what guidelines to go by other than my gut. There are no obvious major defects or issues with the bike, it just needs to be brought back to life after being in storage. So all "general" maintenance recommendations for this hybrid bicycle is fair game.

Also, I don't have a bicycle truing stand, but from the looks of it, it doesn't appear to need truing right now.
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Apologies for this not being a video, but the best bike repair info that I've ever found is Sheldon Brown's website. Here are excellent articles on tires & tubes. He's really got everything that you need to know about bikes.

Video wise, you might check out Park Tool's Youtube. Park Tool's goal ultimately is to sell you tools, but they have a bunch of quick videos showing how to fix things. Check out these spring cleaning videos (episodes 19-22).
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Sheldon Brown's website is *the* online bicycle reference guide. Everything you need should be accessible through the index.

The only hard copy I've ever bothered to get and highly recommend is the Zinn Art to... series.

For videos I just google my specific issue, but Performance Bikes seems to do well.

I wouldn't bother buying a truing stand unless you plan on truing regularly or burning money.

Have you looked around for a local bike co-op? They often have tools and knowledgeable volunteers for free or a small membership fee.
posted by Giggilituffin at 10:35 AM on October 21, 2015 [1 favorite] has lots of videos as well as forums.
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Lance Armstrong (or Greg Lemond) shows you how to fix a flat tire.

Also, Art's Cyclery has some many short instructional videos.

or the Global Cycling Network, for a more irreverent approach.
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