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What are some good synthwave/outrun/retrowave/whatever compilations that are not Valerie & Friends (because I have that one)?

I know I can go poking around in /r/outrun forever but I'm lazy and want someone else to do the work for me.
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Johnny Jewel
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You may have seen this FPP already, but it seemed worth mentioning.
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Here are some bandcamp links with streams and downloads (some of those are free, too):

Mitch Murder (check out the Selection collections)
Telefuture Records
Aphasia Records
Revolving Door Records
Stratford Court Records (check their Anniversary Compilation)
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I was just sent this Dynatron album, and I think it fits your bill. It's retro-y, but space-oriented. A bit darker and higher-energy, but still all synth: Carpenter Brut.
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Well, based on listening to some of Valerie and Friends, I suspect you'd like Ladyhawke.

From Dusk til Dawn.

Paris is Burning.

Better than Sunday.
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Jackson and His Computer Band might push your buttons. G.I. Jane and Dead Living Things and actually it looks like every track from that album are on YouTube.

(Edit: sorry, I missed the compilations aspect before responding)
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