Botanical Garden Documentaries
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Has there ever been a travel series that focuses on various botanical gardens around the world? I'd like to live vicariously through a presenter as they visit the best temple gardens, indoor jungles, prairie gardens, and so on. Availability on some streaming service or at my local library would be ideal.

If this doesn't exist, I guess I'll have to produce it myself.
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Best answer: Yes! There is! Monty Don hosts. Aired on BBC, rerun in Ontario on TVO, I'm sure available all over the place. Mainly Euro-focused, and therefore mainly gardens of aristocracy and royalty, but not exclusively.
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Best answer: Yep. The one you want is called "Around the World in 80 Gardens". Bits of it are available on Youtube.
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Best answer: Audrey Hepburn in Gardens of the World. (Disclaimer: I worked on it.)
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