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My partner and I are visiting Denver next week! Can you offer recommendations for places we should visit or advice on things we should look out for while we're in town, keeping in mind we are evaluating it as a potential place to live? (Bonus if you have queer culture recommendations!)

We'll be visiting for several days next week, mostly as a fun getaway. But we're also interested in understanding what it's like to live in Denver, so looking for recommendations that will give us an idea of everyday life in the city. We're especially interested in checking out queer establishments (especially the elusive lesbian bar!) and the public transit system.

Some of our interests: comics, bookstores, board games and video games, great coffee and cocktails, architecture walks, nature and wildlife, public parks, pie, interesting and delicious restaurants.
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Best answer: Nature driving tour.
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Best answer: For comics and books: Tattered Cover and Kilgore Books. For video games: The 1up. For cocktails: Williams and Graham and The Cruise Room.
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Best answer: Some parts of South Broadway are very cool and give you a good feel of what Denver was like when it was becoming cool but not yet overrun with real estate madness. Beatrice & Woodsley is a great restaurant, the High Dive and Sputnik are good bars around there and that coffee shop nearby is very nice. If you are a crafter, Fancy Tiger Crafts is one of the best craft stores in the US and they have things you just won't see anywhere else.

Go visit some parks. Check out the incredible highs and lows of Colfax Avenue. Have a drink at the Irish Snug. Walk around DU.

Or if you want to see what Denver is becoming, walk around LoDo and see the historic real estate that is being turned into a bland Bro-Ville.

If the weather is nice, rent a bike and ride the Cherry Creek Trail between maybe like Cherry Creek shopping district and Confluence Park. Beautiful - Cherry Creek intersects South Platte River and there is a giant REI there and it's one of my favorite places to ride through.

Try some restaurants in the Highlands. My favorite burger bar is the Highland Tavern (n.b. not Highland Tap and Burger). Old school Italian at Patsy's. Amazing meats and charcuterie at Old Major. A beautiful if unaffordable neighborhood.

If you are thinking about moving here, be certain to look at rental and/or real estate prices. It is very expensive and prices have risen rapidly even in the last 3 years or so.

Drink lots of water, use lipbalm, and watch the first time you drink alcohol at elevation, it will hit you pretty hard.

Board games: there's a store in Cherry Creek called Wizard's Chest that is well known but I don't think the employees know games that well. It's OK but in a very bland Rich Person Boutique Shopping Area.

PM me if I can help any more and I hope you enjoy your trip.
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Best answer: A lot of people drive in Denver because everything is so spread out. As far as public transit - the buses take forever. The lightrail, however, is pretty nice so give it a whirl. It doesn't go everywhere but if you are thinking of finding cheaper living elsewhere in the suburbs maybe look at neighborhoods off the light rail lines - Golden, Littleton, etc. Riding bikes is another option as well - ditto what was said above about so many great bike trails all over.

I'm a vegetarian so when I visit I like to get a burrito at Illegal Pete's and for a nicer sit down meal I go to Watercourse or City o City.
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Best answer: i've lived here for 4 years without a car--buses are slow, lightrail is awesome but not yet posessing an extensive reach.

Restaurants: Work & Class, Olive & Finch, Euclid Hall, maybe a drink at Terminal Bar and food at Mercantile (both at Union Station).

Queer stuff: I don't go out much, true to stereotype. Blush & Blu is the only mostly-lesbian/queer lady bar. They have events listed on their site. Cheesman Park. You could see if there are any queer lady Meetups while you're in town? Holler if you have any questions!
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