Simple, fast group photo blog or feed?
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I'm creating an activity for a class of grad students where we each create a photo during a class session and then somehow share/compile them in a feed. Is there some app or website platform in which people could individually send or post the photo from their smartphone or computer, and they would appear on one page? Preferably without requiring them to log in or create an account.

I can think of several more manual methods, but I'm imagining folks working on their own and then the photos just sort of instantly populating the feed without me having to take them off a device or from an email, or having to teach everyone how to log in to something or share on their own personal social media, use a hashtag, etc. I know this sounds a lot like standard social media functionality but am imagining something more private/streamlined. Does it exist?
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Google+ Events sprung immediately to mind but you'd need everyone to have a G+ account which is a hard sell for a lot of people.
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I'm a teacher and a big fan of GoogleClassroom for this kind of thing, although people would need to each have their own account and be a member of the class online. (So easy to do after quick initial set-up: there's a free smartphone app, and people get emailed when the page is updated but the updates are less obnoxious than FB emails and more user-friendly than Blackboard.) Admittedly, people would have to log in but I feel there's always a trade-off: you can forgo log-ins but don't have privacy or vice versa. Hopefully someone can suggest a better alternative for you but even most blogs these days require verification before commenting. Does your university have GoogleClassroom for its students and instructors?
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Would Pinterest do it? Students would have to provide and accept an email to be invited by the board host, and then use an app or browser extension to add their photo to the pinboard, but all the photos would be on one page.
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You (or just one person) needs to create the site first, then enable Post by Email.
You will be given a random address
Give that to everyone and tell them to email their photos to that address
They will then be posted direct to the blog.

The only downside here is that they will all appear to be from the same person so if you need their names they should add that to the email title or in the email body.
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Set up a Flickr account and get an email address from them that you can give to the students. They each email their picture to the address and it will automatically be posted to the account.
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