Guided meditation with sound effects
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I'm looking for guided meditations that have sound effects. For example they tell me I'm walking through a field and I can hear footsteps step in the grass. Does this type of meditation have a name so I can google it properly? Does anyone have any recommendations?

So thanks to this post, I've been listening to The Honest Guys on youtube for a year and a half now. I love their Middle Earth meditations and I love their other meditations that are made in the same style. What I really like is all the sound effects. I like how they tell me I'm walking through the Shire and I can hear hobbits laughing as they walk by, and birds chirping, and mugs of beer clinking as Bilbo hands me my drink. But I don't always want to hang out in Middle Earth.

Certainly, there have to be other people who make guided meditations in the same style? Who are they? Or what is this style of guided meditation called? Most of the other ones I've found just have a guided meditation over an unchanging sound like waves, or a rainstorm which isn't exactly what I'm looking for.
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You might have luck with 3D soundscapes! ASMR artists on YouTube sometimes do these in combo with guided meditations. I'd start there. :)
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