Chat channels for carers?
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Do you know of active irc/forum/slack/other channels for those of us who care for a relative at home? A space to vent and chat and just say 'out loud' that which you can't speak out loud.
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What kind of care? has forums just for caregivers, plus private messaging, if you are caring for someone with dementia or similar.
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My wife has Multiple Sclerosis. That in itself poses challenges but recently there have been confused states ('Who are you? why are you here?'), hallucinations '(Why won't you take all that stuff off the bedclothes? Can't you see it?' - and no, it's just not there), numerous requests for a drink, some food, a drink, some food, not that food, a drink, repeat. So it's the general burden of caring with added more burden.

I tried and there was only me.
I tried snoonet chat, nothing.
I tried a reddit search for 'carers' and ... no, not what I was after (nsfw)
I tried a freenode search, nothing.

There are forums but I prefer the medium of chat (I <3 irc) but so far, nothing.
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It's not quite the same but 7 cups of tea has brief active listening by volunteers that includes for carers.
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I was going to ask the exact same question as you just the other day. I'm in the same position and I too need to vent to an outsider. As the other poster said, 7 cups of tea is such an outlet. I tried the one-on-one chat and it went really well. Just be sure to check the listener's rating and experience.
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