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Due to some unexpected events at work (layoffs), I am job hunting. I am currently working on a second masters degree, and am wondering if I should list that on my resume, or just the one I have completed. I am not quite half way complete, and am part time. I estimate that finishing it will take me another two years. When would it be appropriate to list it with an expected graduation date? Thanks!
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Yep, if it's relevant, put it on there. I would probably specify like "part time/evening" so they know you're not "in school", but list it.
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Yes, it would be appropriate to list the second masters. Usually the way you do it is list the one you have with the date that you received the degree, and then the second one with the projected completion date.
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Best answer: Yes, definitely list it! When I was in the same boat, I put down "in progress" instead of the date. As the date drew closer, I changed it to "Anticipated completion in July 2009" or similar to let potential employers know the end was near.
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Don't necessarily disagree, but I might leave it off when applying for jobs where it was irrelevant. So - if you're applying to an accounting firm and it's a EE, leave it off. If it's an MBA and/or focused in accounting, put it in.
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I would leave it off unless relevant to position. There could be a, hun, why does he/she keep going back to school.
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