Gas boiler recommendations
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My old gas boiler is on the fritz and may have to be replaced. Which brands and models of gas boiler furnaces are known for reliability? Which aren't? I've found but are there other sources? Any gas boiler repair/HVAC MeFi'ers out there who have some insight into this? Thanks!
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Do you heat with hot water or steam? The boilers are different - in particular, hot water boilers can be way more efficient.
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I recently replaced my hot water boiler and hot water tank with a supper efficient Triangle Tube combination unit. My bills are greatly reduced, but I have had it break or stop working at least once a year, if not every six months. I love the low gas bills, summer months I pay about $15 and the winter for hot water and heat is rarely more than $100. I would recommend a combination unit that works on demand and say that Bosch or one of the other high end national brands would be a great upgrade. When I get tired of mine, I am definitely replacing it with a good Bosch unit.
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Response by poster: Thanks for that Nackt.
Mr Vino, I have a hot water boiler.
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