Which San Francisco shelter should I volunteer at?
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Exactly as it says on the tin: the Animal Care & Control (city shelter) or the SPCA -- which offers a better experience for a volunteer, particularly one who wants to work with kitties?

I grew up with and love cats and I want to get a cat, but I'm just not ready to be a cat father just yet. So I figured the next best thing would be to volunteer at a shelter so I can get my cuddle time on. The two main shelters that I know of here in the city are Animal Care & Control and the SPCA, although maybe there are others.

I've been to AC&C a couple of times and everybody there came off as really friendly and dedicated. No experience with the SPCA though. I'm leaning towards AC&C as (but maybe I'm wrong) it seems like they might need the help more compared to the SPCA. Also, maybe one or the other would give me a bit more freedom and leeway in the sort of work I end up doing, which would be great to know, but I don't mind doing scut work as long as I get to work with cats!
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Best answer: We adopted Roswell and Yorvit from the SPCA; Yorvit (the tuxedo) came down with an EPIC case of ringworm and had to go to the special ringworm ward, and when I visited him every day there were always volunteers gowning up to go hang out with all the epically ringwormed kittens so that they would be socialized and happy in spite of smelling like rotten eggs. That always seemed to be to be a fantastic volunteer gig for the right kind of person.
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Best answer: My understanding is that both are great. Animal care and control might haves greater need for volunteers then sfspca which is a bit swankier.

Note I believe sfspca is a no kill shelter acc is not but will find a home for any animal regardless of how long it takes as long as the pet is healthy and doesn't display unsafe behavior traits .
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Best answer: I volunteered at ACC for a short time. If I'm remembering correctly you did an orientation and then could volunteer. It's pretty self directed. I spent most of my time petting the cats as the kitten were pretty popular. I'm under the impression that ACC might be more in need of help as it's a city shelter and as an open door shelter so they have to take all the animals that come to them.
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