Looking for pretty stockings in unusual patterns!
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I have a couple pairs of stockings with unusual patterns and I always feel dressed up and fancy when I wear them, so I want more!

Recently I wore these pretty polka dot stockings on a night out and got a ton of compliments. They made me feel so much more dressed up than just bare legs or nude nylons. Now I want more pairs in different patterns, but where to buy them?

I'm lusting after this pair - potentially NSFW - it's an underwear website but they're kinda pricey. My problem is, whenever I wear a pair of tights or stockings, especially the more delicate ones, they tend to rip or snag really easily. I'd hate to drop 50 bucks on something I only wore once or twice.

So my question is.... A. where is a good store/website to buy decently priced stockings/thigh high socks that have patterns/are more interesting than just solid colors? and B. can you attest to the wear-ability/durability of their products?

If it matters, I'm a woman, 5'8", slender build.
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Best answer: SOCK DREAMS

They carry lots of different brands, so durability varies.
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I buy tons of fancy Merona brand tights from Target at about $8 a pair. Polka dots and lace and bright colors and fancy plaids and all sorts. Very reasonable, very durable.
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... and I just noticed that Target is also selling Pretty Polly brand, at least on the web. These bows are interesting. Or maybe Bunnies would amuse you? (They seem to have a lot of styles.)
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I too was going to suggest Target (Merona). They have soo many cute options.

PlasticLand has cute tights, stockings, and socks. (Love these dots and flowers and these lace style.)

Modcloth is another option.
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Seconding the Sock Dreams recommendation! I've had good luck there with a variety of brands. Adding the brand Hue (available at Nordstrom Rack) - awesome tights that have held up well for me.
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Response by poster: Yay, these all look great! I'm going to order a million pairs. Keep the suggestions coming!
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MyTights has some good options but well ... just tights.

I am shorter and heavier than you, but YesStyle may work for you, maybe. They had a good selection but the fit can be questionable sometimes.

Asos can be hit or miss but also some fun stuff.
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Yeah and don't forget about Etsy- though sometimes their clothing can run a bit more due to the hand-made nature and shipping cost. You're also more likely to run into more leggings than tights, but there's some cool stuff there!
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Check out Pretty Polly. Every pair of tights I have from them had gotten mad compliments, and they last a long time despite the fancy price tag. And trust me/ I have three cats, so my legs are prone to being scratched.
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I have a bunch of Da-Sein socks and they're loads of fun (and not cheaply made) -- here's their over-the-knee selection.
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Marshalls/TJMaxx is also worth checking out for fun legwear, though they do generally tend more towards tights than stockings. Also, if you live anywhere with a proper winter try layering lace tights over solid tights! I don't know why no one told me about this sooner!
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This Etsy shop has beautiful ombre dyed tights and this other shop has some wild tights and stockings in various imaginative patterns--can't vouch for their durability, but they're not outrageously expensive, either.
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