Chesapeake Bay in November
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Hi all! I'm organizing a weekend for some girl friends in the DC area; we're hoping to make this a weekend excursion to Chesapeake Bay. Would love some ideas!

It'll be mid-November; any thoughts on where in the bay we should aim to be, and things to do? Eating, hiking, just hanging out in general are on the agenda. I'd love to put a day spa on the schedule, too...!
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Look on the Eastern Shore (St Michaels, especially).
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Assateague State Park has wild horses, which is pretty cool.

What's not cool is the horses are pretty much a**holes.
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Solomons Island
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I haven't been down that way in several years but I thought the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel was pretty awesome, as did the many people I have taken across it with me. There's a place along the way where you can stop and watch ships go by and just hang out in the middle of the bay. I know there's a little diner there too but it also makes a good stop for a picnic.

We used to cross over from VA Beach and go hang in Cape Charles, looking for sea glass on the beach. Like I said, I haven't been there in years but the last time I was there Cape Charles seemed to have a lot of upscale beach rentals and a fancy little town area...might be a good place to research for a spa day type thing.

(Edited to add this particular activity is really best on a clear day, and all of the times I have done it have been in October, so a clear day in November would be good.)
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My in-laws retired to Chestertown, MD. It drew some tourists for (slight) quaintness and boutique shopping.

Seconding the eastern shore in general, especially if you like the maritime, crab fishing, crab eating sorts of things. The Chesapeake Bay Marine Museum is interesting in that vein. Also perhaps Tilghman Island.
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If you decide to stick to the Western Shore, there are several very good wineries in Calvert and St Mary's Counties, and Solomons Island, as suggested by Confess, Fletch, is very nice (although in mid-November a little more bleak than in the height of summer). There are a couple of fantastic restaurants on Solomons if you like seafood, and a couple of good ones if you don't. I can provide more details on request if you're interested.

Hiking, well there are some nice walks in the Calvert Cliffs state park, Flag Ponds county park is nice as well, but these are more like strolls rather than hikes.
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