Restless back??
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As I'm winding down and ready to sleep, I get this gnawing back ache up and down my spine. It's like restless leg only in my back. Anyone ever have this?

So, besides a couple of forums, I'm unable to find any information about what I've been experiencing when trying to sleep for the last 4 days. I try stretching, walking, advil PM, xanax, tylenol, muscle relaxers, heat....sleeping on the bed, floor, couch - nothing helps.

I do have a history of lower back pain and actually hurt my back 3 weeks ago (by getting something out of the fridge) to the point where I was unable to sit up for 3 days and was out of work for 8 days. But it was severe lower back pain. That particular pain subsided about a week and a half ago and was feeling fine until this shit.

Anyone else have this crawling achey restless spine? I'll see my doctor if it doesnt go away within a couple of days.
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Response by poster: I also forgot to mention, I feel fine when I wake up - for the most part. And I also try to sleep with a pillow between my legs or under my legs.
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You probably have bad posture during the day which shows up when you relax your spine at night.
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When I had a similar pain, it was due to compensating all day for another ache. When lay down to relax, I stopped having to compensate, but paid for all the work with pain.

PT really helped. In the short term relaxation exercises (e.g. Contract muscles for five sec, then let go) would get me through the pain faster so I could sleep.
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I don't experience this directly but have all sorts of lower back problems. I didn't see one of these on your list of "tried everything". I've been using mine (I don't have the pillow just the mat) for years and it really helps my back muscles calm down. I put it on my mattress and lay right on it, usually fall asleep then wake up just enough to remove it from my back later on. Maybe worth a try?
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