Good PC gaming websites?
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Recommend me good PC gaming websites.

I am looking for sites with a good mix of news and reviews for PC games. For my taste, the usual suspects (Gamespot, Gamespy, IGN) have in the past become too mainstream oriented, and what's more, steered away from PC gaming and into the console realm.

Google is not really helpful with this, as every site out there claims to have "game reviews".

My main interest lies in the RTS, RPG, and FPS areas.

Extra points for sites with working RSS feeds, as I have not yet found a single one that puts out a valid feed.
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Best answer: Gaming News:
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Industry News:
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All of the above have RSS feeds. None of the above are super-PC focused, though... that's hard to find these days.

As for reviews... eh. Haven't found any sites with consistently great ones. I rely on demos and word of mouth.
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Best answer: selfnoise's links are pretty spot on.

Maybe this one is a usual suspect for you, but I still think Blue's News is pretty good. There aren't really reviews there, but excellent news, and they link to pretty much every review that comes out for games that are likely of interest to you. For reviews, I usually check Game Rankings.
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Many people focus on the comic-which is excellent and often NSFW-but they have quite a bit of game review and commentary. I found this excellent little jolt of fun through them.
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I'm a bit partial to Kotaku myself, for reasons present in my profile.

Penny Arcade is absolutely hilarious, with really well written commentary and some of the best web comic you'll find. Although it's not as news or PC-oriented.

As for other links, aside from the main players, selfnoise hit it pretty nicely on the head.
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Best answer: Metacritic has a pretty decent PC games section. No news, though, just reviews.
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Best answer: was the site I always checked when I played computer games. Mainly a news site, but has lists of links of all the latest PC game reviews.
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I would warn that you should only visit Joystiq if you are prepared to be amused by laughably amateur journalism/rumor-mongering and the utter silliness provided within each post's comment section. Probably the most entertaining gaming website I know of.
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Eurogamer is pretty good - covers everything but is fairly even.
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IGN is pretty comprehensive, and their reviews are posted pretty quickly.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone!

Escapist and Metacritic look very interesting. Also, I was a regular reader of Bluesnews in the Quake days, but I had completely forgotten about it until you guys reminded me.
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I'm surprised no one has mentioned GameTab. It's a gaming news compilation site, and it has an RSS feed of the most popular stories overall. If it's too much information, by scanning the headlines you should be able to find a few sites that match what you're looking for.
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Another vote for bluesnews. It's been my homepage for years.
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But, I may as well add, don't bother with the comments at bluesnews. They tend not to be so erudite.
posted by ludwig_van at 10:58 AM on December 8, 2005 is a semi-regular visit on list of daily link visits.. they have video of loads of things for both PC and console, especially cutting edge stuff. Even has direct links to the actual non-streaming, non-advert-smothered MOV/WMV options without having to go C&P the embed tags, and no pre-movie adverts either. Has its own "GTtv" video reviews of games.. pretty snappy if you ask me :-D
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