Uncrunchy care package?
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My boyfriend is working away from home for three more weeks. Home is Maine, away is Missouri. He is sick and sad. I would like to send him a care package. Complication: Missing teeth.

- All of the easy to mail, shelf-stable snacks I can think of are crunchy and those just won't do as he can't chew them. I would like to send him one of those savory pretzel mixes, for example. Can you think of a softer, savory idea to mail?
- I'm going to include a loaf of banana bread
- I'm going to handmake a card
- He is your stereotypical Yankee tightwad. For example, if I were to send him a little bottle of Tylenol and tiny packet of tissues he would think it was a waste of money. He has tissues and Tylenol already.

Thanks all for the ideas !
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What about soup mixes? Not, like, cans of soup, but those bags of freeze dried flavors and veggies and things you just dump into water or broth and heat up.
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When my dude was similarly away for work, I actually just Amazon Fresh-ed him a load of "special" groceries/un-perishables. I'd check into that! Way easier than mailing him a can of soup, etc.
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Does he like whoopie pies? Pretty sure you can't get whoopie pies in Missouri.
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Tasty Bite Indian meals are good and a nice change from soups. You could include precooked/parboiled rice and/or some naan and chutneys. Maybe he could even deal with some softer pickles?

For non-food items to include, how about a hot water bottle, or one of those buckwheat pillows that you heat up in the microwave?
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I have, in the past, arranged for delivery of hot chicken soup to the address of sick people. Places that make chicken soup and provide delivery include italian restaurants (italian wedding soup), chinese restaurants (won ton or egg drop soup) and delicatessens (traditional chicken soup — if he's jewish, add a matzo ball!). If you go with italian, you might also include a soft-ish dessert, like tiramissu.
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Homemade brownies are universally popular, even when made from a box mix. Maybe especially when made from a box. I've never had a bakery brownie that was as good.

On the subject of chocolate, something I remember from my long ago time in Maine was a cake-style chocolate doughnut, perhaps with sugar granules on the outside. Possibly made by JJ Nissen. Probably bad for the heart, but I have not seen them outside northern New England, so if he's a fan......
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Would he like something like this? I haven't made this recipe yet, but it's been on my list because it looks delicious (and it's from a Maine bakery!).
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How about some B&M beans?
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