One-week getaway hike in winter
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I'm looking for a week-long hike that I can do over Thanksgiving or shortly after, in North America, where weather won't be too inclement. Where shall I go?

I'd like to take a week off to hike somewhere in North America. I'd prefer somewhere that has hostels or somewhere to stay along the trail (like the Southern part of the Appalachian Trail?), but I could backpack if needed.

Difficulty level: end of November and possibly later


- Trees preferred, or at least not a desert landscape
- Not cold or raining by Thanksgiving
- Near enough to civilization to get cell service part of the time (I can't be completely out of touch the entire time)

Am I looking at Florida? Louisiana? Is Georgia too far north?

This is a tough one, so thank you Metafilter!
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Check out this website, it lets you sort by length of trail.
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You may need to define "not cold". Do you just want like above freezing, or actually warm?
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You might consider walking around Monterey Bay? Perhaps something like this route? I mean, it could rain for a solid week after Thanksgiving, but it often does not.

If you're on the West Coast, I'd consider Hawaii before Florida/Georgia/Louisiana. Hawaii is more consistently temperate, and the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas are pretty slow, tourism-wise. (But not the week of Thanksgiving itself.) The Kalalau Trail around the Na Pali Coast on Kauai is a classic 20+-mile backpacking trek.

Otherwise, I think Southern California is worth exploring, but there's no guarantee there won't be rain, especially with the prospect of an El NiƱo year ahead of us. However, the places with the most trees are most likely to be rainy, so, I agree, this is a tough question.
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Florida hiking trails.
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