The g stands for get off my lawn, football doodles.
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I'm sure there's a setting tweak for this, but how can I set my Google homepage so that I still see Google Doodles but get whatever cool stuff the world outside of the U.S. is getting instead of these stupid, stupid American football animations every single Sunday from now until January? Google Doodles are generally so awesome, and these are so lame that I hate them and never want to see them again. I'm using chrome on both my android phone & PC.
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1) You could use,, etc. instead of, though that will change what you get in your search results

2) You could get the Tampermonkey extension and create a user script that gets the doodle from the country of your choice and replaces the one on
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3) You could do 2 and 1 together, but just make the 'Google Search' and 'I'm Feeling Lucky' buttons take you to the .com search results.
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On the PC, anyway, there's a No Google Doodle extension that replaces the doodle with plain old google.
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Oops, sorry, didn't read carefully... maybe the extension Favorite Doodle?
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(for what it's worth, if i go to, from chile, then i don't see a doodle. so if there is one right now, then simply accessing different domains doesn't seem to show it (i am normally redirected to
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> ...and these are so lame that I hate them and never want to see them again.

Hear, hear!
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You can tweet at them (@GoogleDoodles) asking them to stop (I just did) - hopefully they'll listen to us masses!
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Marking this question resolved - not because I found a perfect technical situation, but because the problem is still solved. Possibly someone at Google reads Metafilter, because there hasn't been another Gameday Doodle (ugh, just typing that sounds disgusting) since I asked the question.
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