What are/where can I buy good, inexpensive darts?
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What's a good set of darts for the recreational player, and where can I buy them (reasonably) cheap?

My housemates and I have always relied on the cheapest darts available at the local sporting goods store, but as we've all gotten better (and worn out the cheap darts), we've each started to look towards buying personal sets.

Pre-packaged sets are fine, as is shopping for components separately. Fancy gadgets would be nice (movable point, spinning tip, etc), but I feel that, given my skill level, they'll probably do more to intimidate my housemates than actually improve my game (which isn't bad, but not the point). I'm looking for something at least 20g, any material, any colors, probably small/medium sized shafts.

Price: I'm capping this at $50, and I'd like to even keep it below $30, if possible. When I get better, I'll buy more expensive darts.

Any questions I should be asking to help guide my selection would also be greatly appreciated.
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Unless you're a pro, spending more than $20 on a set of darts is criminal. Honest. You can flashy-looking flights separate if you're only wanting to impress your mates.
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Here's a site with some good advice on buying darts. The most importants points are that you should only spend between $15 and $30 for a set. In fact, a lot of pros use darts in that price range. Also, don't buy them over the Internet. The only way to choose a set of darts is to throw them first. I guess that's like buying a personal pool cue. But where to buy a set in your area? I'll bet that any place that sells pool tables and pool cues will also sell nice darts.
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My girlfriend and I are regular dart players, both using Kick Ass Darts by coincidence.

As NoMich said, don't buy over the internet if you want a good set for you. You'll want to take some time in a professional games shop or dart shop to toss a bit of sharp shit at some cork until you find the sharp shit that works for you.

I took about an hour to pick my set. First I tried three different weights (they measure in grams). Once I found a weight I liked, I tried different barrell styles and finally took a few different kinds of shaft out for a spin.

Take your time and have some fun with it.
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You *definitely* need to find a local shop to try out the darts before you buy them. Otherwise any price you spend will be a waste of money.
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I highly recommend Bottelsen. I got mine at a store that specialized in bar games (they sell and maintain pool tables, mostly). They were maybe $20 and are the same ones my tournament-playing friends use.
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