Time Budget App Like YNAB?
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I've searched the time management questions and answers and can't find a time-management version of You Need A Budget. I've only just started YNAB and think it's perfect for me. I want a time-management version that won't let me overbook my time. Does such a thing exist?
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There are many, many scheduling apps and products out there. Is there a reason one of those won't work for your purposes?
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Best answer: I hate to be the one to do this, but have you tried googling? The top results all seems to point to threads where people are asking the same question. Some even say to use YNAB itself, which is an intriguing idea.
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Response by poster: I did Google but badly. Thanks, Emanuel, for pointing out that others are asking the question and that some can use YNAB itself, which is intriguing. The other time management systems I've seen don't work the way YNAB does, which my brain groks in a satisfying way.
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