¿Metafilter en español?
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I am trying to learn Spanish. I took 4 years of it in high school, many years ago, and I'd like to continue learning about it. What I'd like to see is a website that's like metafilter, but it links to spanish-language websites, and has cool smart people comment on them in spanish. Is that a thing?
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I'll be watching closely; I'd love to find something similar. In the meantime, I don't know if you saw that there have been versions of this question before: previously and previouslier. (I seem to recall there have been others, too, but I'm not finding them at the moment.)
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I feel like there must surely be a subreddit for this, no? I can't vouch for the quality of discussion or the relative horribility of people who might be there, but it seems like a good place to start.
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Probably not quite what you're looking for (I found it on reddit), but there's Menéame. I went through DMOZ to see if there was anything else in the same category, but unfortunately couldn't find anything else.
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Menéame has the sort of racist, misogynist people who give reddit a bad name, though. Any thread about women will have some reference to "T_D_S P_T_S" ("All of them whores") or "melafo" ("I'd fuck that"). And don't even think about reading the comments of anything about feminism.
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The adage about not reading the comments is ^2 with a special spoonful of cringe for Spanish language sites, in my experience.
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sukeban: "Menéame has the sort of racist, misogynist people who give reddit a bad name, "

Plus 'menéame' translates as 'jerk me off'.
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I wonder if Twitter might not be a good place to carve out a spot for learning en español, perhaps making use of lists (either creating one's own or subscribing to others).
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'Menéame' literally means "stir me" or "shake me." In the absence of an innuendo context I wouldn't assume it means "jerk me off". I'd associate it more with dancing, in fact.

(I'm from Mexico, and these things are ridiculously country-specific, so for some other countries it may carry the masturbatory connotation by default, of course...)
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Plus 'menéame' translates as 'jerk me off'.

More like "shake me/it up" as a first meaning. But that too.
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It's the internet, that's enough innuendo context.

And in Spain I think that has taken over as a primary meaning.

I begun using the internet back before there was any content in Spanish. Because of that I'm probably biased towards using English speaking sites, but I don't know of anything like Metafilter in Spanish.

The closest I can think of is taringa.net, but it's really nothing like it.
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Twitter is probably your best bet, maybe tumblr if you want younger and more social justice oriented voices.
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Promethea: "The closest I can think of is taringa.net, but it's really nothing like it.

It's really not.
The truth is, there's nothing like Metafilter in English or Spanish. Don't know about other languages.
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I follow r/learnspanish, which isn't as horrible as you might think. There are a lot of people on there in your (our) position--many years of Spanish, long ago, and looking to refresh. I don't recall seeing a question like yours, specifically about websites. There was a discussion of podcasts recently, though, which introduced me to several new ones.
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