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Need Help finding specific old Abandoned Places website.

General description first, then hopefully enough breadcrumbs for the hivemind to locate the webpage.

Many moons ago( probably around 2005, but could be before or after) I came across a very specific abandoned places website that had an old abandoned hospital or asylum of some sort(Could i be any more vague). It was one of those done by an amateur person going through and just taking pictures of the place.

Certain details:
Was in the USA
Background of the website was black(seems like it might have been Weird New Jersey, but the entire background behind the text was black, like a theme on the website)
Pictures were taken at night
There were a few external shots of the building but as it was night, there were no features that I can remember of the outside of the building
There was a fence around it(uselses detail?)

Hazy details:
I believe it was somewhere in a North Eastern state in the USA, but was def in the USA.
The person indicated they were trespassing(which is kind of obvious, but might help)?
Was definitely a hospital of some sort, and I belive was an asylum/psychiatric hospital
Building was older, early-mid 1900s but that memory is Very hazy.

Honestly every suggestion is good because anything linked will probably be interesting. Lets get spoopy!
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many more pics of Northampton State Hospital (they also have other places)
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Kinda reminds me of Forgotten Ohio. But there's a lot of content to go through to find specifically what you're looking for.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the great links everyone. I believe that what I was thinking of is in one of these sites, the format looks like what I remember. I'll come through and report back, but won't complain about other possible links.

(Sorry for the vagueness, i could only remember the vaguest of details)
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Maybe it was The Places I Shouldn't Be Byberry Page? Byberry was a mental asylum in Northeast Philadelphia built between 1907 and 1920. I'm from Northeast Philadelphia and I used to search on "urban exploration" and found that site pre-2005.
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You could also check these sites in the Wayback Machine, to see if you recognize some old formatting. Here's an old view of Abandoned America (it used to be .org, before it was .us)
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Kindred spirit! I spent a lot of time right around that era looking at abandoned places porn. So I wonder if it was Overbrook - New Jersey State Hospital for the Insane?

Interestingly, the more popular of these sites have been explored so many times that there is just a plethora of Google results to wade through - which wasn't so much the case that long ago. But this one meets your criteria and I recall reading about it then, too.
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I also wonder if it might have been something in Julia Solis' archive Dark Passage.
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Was it the Action Squad site? It was Twin Cities specific but they explored a lot of abandoned places
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