Help me find a video conferencing system for server-side recording
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We're running some automated-video-analysis studies of two people having a conversation over a video conferencing link. For that, we need to record the video from both perspectives on the server.

I'm working on a project whose goal is to test some algorithmic video analysis techniques. Stuff like face detection, posture, basic emotions, etc. We can't just use existing video, so we will need to record some conversations between two subjects, your basic skype setup. But, we need to record the conversation (audio and video) from both people's perspective. The recording needs to be done on the server, not on each subject's machine, and the higher the quality the better. In total we'll probably record around 100 sessions.

We're decently technically competent, and have tried making our own solution with WebRTC. While that's worked, to a degree, it's not very reliable, and we probably don't have the time to iron out the glitches.

So, we'd love some kind of off-the-shelf solution. Ideally, the video chat itself would take place in a web browser. The setup and recording of the chat, with subsequent access to the recorded videos should be done by us (the administrators.) We could live with an installed app, but the recording must be server side. Also, while we'd prefer a service that does this for us, we're willing to install things on our own hardware. And of course, the cheaper the better. Thanks for your suggestions!
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Would Webex work? Seems you can record on the server.
posted by AppleTurnover at 11:57 AM on September 28, 2015

I'm pretty sure that Jitsi Meet will enable you to set up a self hosted WebRTC based video conference with recording without too much hassle.
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