Clear skies somewhere near Baltimore for eclipse tonight?
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I am in Baltimore, MD and I really want to watch the lunar eclipse tonight. Unfortunately the weather is supposed to be cloudy and I am really bummed about it. I have access to a car and would be willing to drive somewhere where my chance of seeing the eclipse would be better -- does anyone know of any reliable "cloud cover" maps or any forecasts that can tell me if it's possible to find clear skies within a reasonable driving distance?
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It's not free but the Dark Sky app might be a first stop?
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The further north you drive the better the odds that the sky will be partly clear. The cloud line is currently up to about NYC...with completely clear skies over the rest of New York state and New England. But it looks like there is some patchy clear areas as close by as southern PA.
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Clear Dark Sky processes hourly cloud cover and transparency forecasts for most of North America to make astronomers' maps. From the hourly forecast for Baltimore click on one of the colored squares to get a cloud cover map for that hour. Looks like you will only need to go a little ways northeast.
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