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You are wasting five minutes on your phone....where do you go? Assume metafilter has already been surfed. As have PhD comics. Please let me know where you're going. Bonus points for suggestions about what's for dinner, women's fashion, science new, and grad students (ifls and PhD comic like finds). I'm betting you're surfing some great sites metafilter.
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I'm listening to my book on my Audible app, or reading my book on my Kindle app, or working more logic problems in one of my three game apps on logic problems. For fashion/dinner surfing, I visit Pinterest.
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bearwife, care to share the logic game apps? I could use some puzzling!
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/f/femalefashionadvice, Racked
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I use the Flipboard app. It lets me aggregate sites from all over the web. I read articles from The Atlantic, Ars Technica, The New York Times, Boy Genius Report, 9to5 Mac, and a host of others that are updated periodically as new material comes in. It also gives me a Daily Edition in the afternoon with highlights from major topics - news, business, sports, technology and so forth.
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My five-minutes-at-a-time distractions:

  • Check the weather on Wunderground and read the Scientific Forecast Discussion because I'm a huge dork.
  • Play a game of 2048.
  • Run through the recent Reddit headlines (yes, I know Reddit is a hive of scum and villainy, but I have carefully curated my subreddit subscriptions to be interesting and contain a maximum of non-horrible comments).
  • Glance through my city's Curbed and Racked.
  • Catch up on QuestionableContent and XKCD.

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    Honestly, this is what Twitter has become for me. Just follow a bunch of accounts that post what interests you.... you're guaranteed to find all the interesting content before it gets posted somewhere else.
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    GoComics app is god for a few minutes distraction. They have tons of comics to follow.
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    Best answer: Twitter, Instagram, mlkshk if I'm connected to WiFi, the AlphaBear game.
    posted by Ufez Jones at 7:11 PM on September 26, 2015 [1 favorite] is a daily roundup of hand tool woodworking blogs....well, it interests me anyway.
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    Twitter, Pinterest, XOJane, Deadspin, Jezebel, Alternet, Listverse, and Daily Kos, to name a few...
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    Lainey Gossip Her tone is rather shouty but she has the scoop, and analyzes the celebrity machine pretty well.
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    I play Ingress. I check the intel map and think about what portals I'm going to hack/attack/link/mod/deploy on in the near future. I check my inventory and put stuff in my MUFG capsule. I recharge my Guardian portal.
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    Along the lines of 2048 (mentioned above), I play 2,147,483,648.
    Don't forget to save your board or you'll never get to the 2 billion tile...
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    The Oatmeal, twitter plus I read several books and continue in the one that I feel like reading.
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    Best answer: Shit My Reviewers Say
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    Nerdy science/academia blogs:
    Tenure She Wrote
    Nicole and Maggie (who also have a great blogroll if you just want to keep clicking from there)
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    Instagram is great for food and women's fashion. See who Ina or Martha follow. See who Carine Roitfeld follows etc. It's a vortex. Always the first app that I open when I'm killing a few minutes with my phone.
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    On my Android phone, I peruse the Google Now screen which collects articles, news and event statuses for items I've shown previous interest in.
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    I have a subscription to Macleans magazine (Canadian weekly newsmagazine). I download the lastest issue and catch up on it when I've got some time on the go.
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    Nthing /r/aww/ and adding /r/hardcoreaww, which I just learned about.

    I also subscribe to the science, Today I learned, Life Pro Tips, etc subreddits.
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    Late returning to this thread . . . but for everyone interested besides johnnydummkopf, my favorite logic puzzle apps are Logic Detective by, Logigrid by Harmony Applications, Logic Problems by Egghead Games, Logic Puzzles-Classic Logic Grid Problems by Egghead Games, and Logic Grid Puzzles by Ross McNamara.
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    I'm back into again. I left about 5 years ago when it got overly steampunky but I went back recently and it has a decent mix of fun / interesting posts.
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    women's fashion, science new[s], and grad students: Startorialist
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    Twitter has a surprisingly large amount of scientists tweeting about science on it. Most of the major journals even have feeds to announce new papers.
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