suggestions for a solo afternoon in Seattle?
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I will be a woman of leisure later this week with a free afternoon in Seattle. I haven't been there in over 5 years - is there anything new that I should see or do, downtown-ish? Bonus points if it gets me near a Top Pot Donut location. I'll be light railing from the airport and need to eventually make it downtown or to Capitol Hill by dinner time.
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There is a Top Pot right downtown, and one in Capitol Hill. Or you could walk to the one in Queen Anne, next to the Molly Moon's. Not that I made it to all three during my last week in Seattle in August, or anything.

If you are downtown on a nice day, the new(ish) big Ferris wheel is kind of nice for good views of the city.

My favorite Seattle activity is picking a neighborhood and just walking and wandering around here and there; maybe do Queen Anne? You could walk from downtown and find all the sets of stairs and nibble here and there, pop into the fun little bookstore, get some views of the city in and then wander back downtown/Capitol Hill for dinner.
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The downtown Top Pot at 5th and Blanchard, an easy walk from the light rail's Westlake Station.

I agree that you'd enjoy a walk around Queen Anne, and if you're the museum type the EMP/Sci-Fi Museum is good. My parents were recently in town and we went to the Chihuly museum at Seattle Center - I had no interest in going but ended up really enjoying it.
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I think the Star Wars costume display is still going on at the EMP...

Yes, I'm a geek. LOL
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I go to Seattle every few months by myself for business. Things I've done the last few times I was there:

Checked out the "Starbucks in the Sky" on the 40th floor of the Columbia Tower, 701 5th St in downtown -- taller than the Space Needle and free. They don't even make you buy a drink or anything. Amazing views.

Had a great time just wandering around Belltown and checking a bunch of different little shops, cafes, and restaurants, and admiring the architecture. Seems like there are new ones to check out every time I'm there -- although I do have local friends who are unhappy about all the new businesses.

Had a great time wandering around Capitol Hill and checking out new and old bars.

I've had some great evenings just walking along the waterfront near sundown, drinking coffee and admiring the views.

I also very much enjoyed the tasting room at Copperworks Distilling on the waterfront near Downtown.
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I would spend the afternoon at Pike Place Market.
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There is a Top Pot on 590 Terry Ave N, in South Lake Union. The South Lake Union Streetcar/SLUT has a stop right acoss the street from the Top Pot, and goes directly from downtown.

A block or two away is MOHAI, a great museum.
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Hmm, I think since the last time you have been here a ferris wheel on the waterfront has opened.
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