Comcast just offered a (good) package that includes security. Should I?
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Comcast is offering me a deal that includes security. I can get out of my existing home security for it. It's a very basic ADT - and they're pretty scummy too to deal with. I wanted to hear (hopefully) from the people who have used them or chose not to use them. I'm looking for deal breakers; things they don't do or that they should be doing.

Ok my friends - tell me why it's a bad idea, beyond comcast is an evil company. (yes, we have a solution, yes, we can get out of it.) Yes, I know Xfinity exists solely because the comcast name is that awful.

To get the hard numbers, I had to agree for the install - don't worry, I'm going to cancel asap. What a shitty way to deal with a prospective customer.

Fine print = for example, they wanted to include their modem/router and suggested just 'not using" their wifi. No way. I don't want the extra interference and for some home users, they turned on the wifi - eating your bandwidth and possibly exposing your network.

They include some home automation - and it's not an additional fee - it's Zigbee based - but I couldn't get a straight answer on bringing my own devices.

Also, if you've negotiated with them before, I'd love to hear what works. They're offering their X2 DVR - I don't want their DVR - and at some point, I'm intending to argue this with them.
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So wait, am I reading this right - you're already dissatisfied, don't want half the shit they are offering but you want security albeit home automation on your own?

I don't care if it's Comcast or not, you would be a fool to sign up for anything with so many factors already going against you. Plus if you've ever negotiated with Comcast, it's a headache over multiple calls to even get to a person that can help you then it's a bigger headache to get them to actually do what they agreed upon.

Run, don't walk away from this deal. Plus Ebay offers those signs and just leave your boxes up to give the impression of the security system (I would argue even getting a home defense shotgun, but I know this is a loaded gun (pun intended) topic).
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What happens to your security system and home automation when you inevitably change providers?
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beyond comcast is an evil company

I can't tell from your question whether you've actually dealt with Comcast. If you haven't then I'll just say that they have that bad name for a reason. Aside from the fact that you get transferred like 10 times any time you call them about something, I swear I've had my call dropped while getting transferred regularly enough that it's hard to imagine it's a coincidence. (Could be incompetence or intentional, who knows).

Also, they make canceling services as difficult as humanly possible. Like, legit, the only way to get your service cancelled without a huge headache is to tell them you're moving AND that you already have Comcast at the new place. (Been there, done that.)

And really, that's just the tip of the iceberg. As you've already noticed, they love to push things you don't need/want. You may be able to "negotiate" but it will be a huge hassle, and they'll usually give you one of those good for six month deals and then the price will like triple after that.

This is without getting into the fact that they already seem to be so bad at delivering basic internet and cable services (seriously, xfinity online is always telling me I can't watch something because I need to be a subscriber to the channel even though i already am subscribed) that I can't imagine they'd be any better with a home security system.

If you're still seriously considering this, I think you should listen to this recording of a customer trying to cancel his Comcast service. It brings "can't take no for an answer" to a whole other level.
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