Please recommend more music like some parts of Hamilton?
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I don't usually like music with vocals, but it turns out I like large parts of the Hamilton soundtrack. Can the hive mind recommend more like it? I especially liked the first number "Alexander Hamilton", and the Cabinet meetings. I also liked "Ten Duel Commandments," "Satisfied" (Angelica's wedding flashback), and "The Room where it happened" but mostly for the parts with one voice singing a simple melody or speaking rhythmically. (Weirdly, it seems like when there's almost nothing but vocals, I turn out to like vocals.)
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So... rap? Like, all rap ever.
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Slate put together a guide of hip-hop references in the Hamilton, that might be a good place to start.
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Yeah, most rap would qualify here, but if you like a more traditional rock music(-ish) backing, the band King Missile is mostly spoken word stuff over music. "Detachable Penis" is probably their most famous song.
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There's also a Spotify playlist the composer/songwriter compiled, showing off a lot of his influences for writing the score.

He's got a Dessa track in there, which was/is totally my gateway to this music. Dessa forEVER.
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Kanye's Yeezus album is mostly vocals with a very spare beat and instrumentation.
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It's hard to match similar music that you will like based on a musical, but I think one logical place to start would be with other music by Lin-Manuel Miranda. He wrote music for both Hamilton and In the Heights. The musical In the Heights is here in its entirety, so you can skip around to see if anything appeals to you.

If it is specifically the rap component in a musical that you like, I suspect you might like Venice the Musical. Both Venice the Musical and Hamilton had productions in Public Theater, FWIW. You can preview the music on youtube and itunes, but not in its entirety.
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Going in the "Broadway" direction, you might want to look into more Patter Songs. Very fast, usually with fairly simple melodies but with complicated rhythms and innovative rhymes, and stuff that gets very complicated, very quickly when more than one person starts singing. "I am the very model of a modern major general" (referenced in Hamilton, by Washington!) is the ur-example.

"Ya Got Trouble" from "The Music Man" is also cited a lot; ditto lots of Sondheim- There are some sections from "Into the Woods" that had a similar feel-- "Your Fault/Last Midnight", and the witch's "rap" from the intro, and from "Sweeney Todd"-- check out "The Worst Pies in London"; "Kiss Me"; "Wigmaker's Sequence", and "Getting Married Today" from Company.

For non-Broadway, if you like "Ten Dual Commandments", you'll probably love Countdown by Beyonce, which is on the playlist mentioned by sciatrix above, which has the same "Count down from 10" thing going on.
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You could also go with Jay-Z if you want to keep it Broadway.
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That Alexander Hamilton number made me think of Lose Yourself by Eminem.
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Lin-Manuel Miranda also did a short musical for This American Life based on story they did about an undercover drug bust in a high school: 21 Chump Street.
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Seconding Dessa if you like "Satisfied," particularly her first album, A Badly Broken Code. Dessa all the way.

If you're looking for more vocal music with simple melodies/vocal predominance over instrumentation, I'd also recommend the last couple Laura Veirs albums and basically anything by The Blow.

If you're looking for more hip-hop recommendations, I'd suggest Kanye's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, to start.
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