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I really enjoy the music on the show Empire, especially when the two brothers team up on a song. I really don't have a clue about who's good in hip hop, though. What albums should I buy if I want to hear more?
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Run The Jewels
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This is an incredibly broad question but: Kanye West and Jay-Z - Watch the Throne do it do it do it
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Also in terms of enjoying Empire's music, two of the members of Pentatonix made a medley out of a number of the songs and I'm currently a little obsessed with it.
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The new Kendrick Lamar.
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jamal pulls pretty heavily from drake, frank ocean, and various periods of usher's career.

hakeem harkens to a type of rapper that isn't really reflective anything going on now- but you might look towards future or migos or wiz khalifa for that. maybe also bow wow or tyga, but i don't listen to them so i can't be sure about that.

while i love kendrick lamar and run the jewels and think both are great, they don't really feature the type of hip hop that shows up on empire.
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oh and i loathe to recommend it - but chris brown's work is honestly pretty close to the brothers songs together even if he is a complete trash human.
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and really - the music they're making is kind of 10 years behind. you might want to check out timbaland's production discography - specifically his work with missy elliot, aaliyah, and ginuwine (timbaland is responsible for the music on empire).
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timbaland's production discography

I was going to suggest this when I saw his name as a "composer" for the show. The good news? Wikipedia does this
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