Manni olive oil in NYC?
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Xmas filter: I read about Manni olive oil in a Gothamist post--it's a super-fancy olive oil used by Thomas Keller et al. I'd love to get some for my mom for xmas, but the only way I've found to buy it is through the official site, where you have to buy an entire case (for like hundreds of dollars.) I know there has to be somewhere I can get this stuff by the bottle. Any ideas? I'm in NYC. Google skills are weak but I've checked Dean and Deluca, Whole Foods, and Zabars. Thanks!
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Er, I can see right on that site that you can buy two 100ml bottles for €44...
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Sorry, I misread that. You still MUST buy five of those two-bottle packages, eh?
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Did you try the Olive Oil store in Grand Central? That'd be a good place to check.
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If you can't find that and want to settle for something else, the best selection of olive oils I've seen, with lots of helpful info about each one, is at Zingerman's.
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(I should clarify: that's not an NYC store, but you can order online.)
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Zingerman's is the most mind-blowingest thing ever to exist in anywhere.

I recommend giving them an email or phone call and buying what they suggest, if this is too hard to obtain. They will know this product and can recommend similar things, and I implicitly trust them.

go blue
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Fairway may stock the stuff. Even if they don't, you should sample their olive oil tasting bar. It's awesome.

I, for one, enjoy the Pugliese.
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