Where can I buy this sink?
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Where can I buy this sink? My Google-Fu is completely failing me, and at this point, I'm not even sure it exists as a real thing that a person can buy.
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Can't you buy it from that link?
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I couldn't find that exact one, but this one is similar. No clue about that vendor website, but they have a few glass bowl sinks from that company. That vendor website seems to show different faucets in the photos -- I guess you are only buying the bowl. The brand's website seems a little odd to me. Can you just look for another brand? Maybe you can just find a different glass bowl sink you like?
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I'm not sure what all is in your area, but the Kraus website has a where to buy link that might get you started. Most retailers that carry a brand (Home Depot, definitely) will special order a specific item for you, even if it's not shown on their website.
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Apologies - I clicked on another sink. Not that specific sink so I see that you can't buy that sink from the link.
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Response by poster: We specifically like the "bubble" texture. We currently have a very similar sink (with a frosted texture) that looks great, but shows stains whenever water drips down the side.
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Best answer: Have you tried contacting a distributor, like Dreamfixtures.com? (Unrelated to your question, but if you haven't owned a vessel sink before, you should know that they look good and show great but are awful and impractical to use and clean on an everyday basis in anything other than perhaps a powder room. 22 out of 22 owners in my condo building agree. YMMV.)
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I did a reverse image search and found this site that has a "visit store" button, and a vendor listed beneath, as well as a brand name "Copenhagen Sinks". Their website might be this one.
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For similar sinks, you might have some luck searching for "recycled glass vessel sink" or "bubble glass vessel sink".
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If you don't mind one textured inside as well as out try searching for pebbled rather than bubbled. Like the JSG Oceana Pebble Glass Vessel Sink.
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Response by poster: To clarify: I have googled this fairly extensively. Copenhagen Sinks' site appears to be a link-farm, and an image search wasn't helpful.

We'd be interested in similar designs, the main requirement being that we want something that is textured, not fully-transparent, and not-ugly. The Pebble sink above comes pretty close, but isn't quite my taste.

We have a similar vessel sink that's translucent, and can definitely appreciate the difficulty in keeping it clean -- the current sink's translucent glass gives it a matte finish on the outside, which is impossible to keep clean. This is the main reason we're looking for alternatives.
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