Vintage MBTA rides?
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I know the MBTA (or a historical org related to) sometimes hosts rides of their vintage buses and trains. Unfortunately I can't find a schedule online (and most searches for "vintage MBTA" take me to maps and schedules). Any idea how I'd learn more about this?
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I can't help you with the buses, but for trains might you be interested in the Ashmont-Mattapan trolley line? It still runs trolley cars from the '40s.
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There is a Facebook group of Boston area vintage transport perhaps they have the knowledge.
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The Electric Railroaders Association is vaguely NYC-based, but they may be able to put you in touch with the right people. (they're also really nice)
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Your friendly local gunzels will know. Check in with the Mass Bay RRE and the BSRA.
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I don't think they do these things anymore. Apparently some fan trips were made in the 1990s using the vintage trolleys stored on the siding at Boylston, but they are no longer in working condition though they did receive a good cleaning after being recently tagged.

You want to visit the Seashore Trolley Museum down in Maine which, in addition to having many vintage Boston trolleys, buses, and subway cars on display, also has the largest collection of its kind in the World.
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