6 Hour Layover in Copenhagen?
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I have a 6 hour layover in Copenhagen on Friday. Is that enough time to do anything?

I will land in Copenhagen at 1:10 pm on Friday and my next flight isn't until 705 pm. Is this enough time to go into the city and then get back to go back through customs, etc.?

I see that it will take 20 minutes to get to Nyhavn. This seems doable? 1 hour to go leave through customs, 20 min to Nyhavn, 2 hours to explore, 20 minutes back and then back through customs and security. Eh?

If this does not seem doable, any suggestions on how to kill time at the Airport for 6 hours?
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Best answer: Yes! The train ride is quick and easy, as you describe yourself. I'd go to the Andersen Bakery Flagship Store right across from the main station because they have the best baked goods I've ever eaten in my life! Tourist information is right across the street as well: I'd poke my head in there and then do a quick stroll around town (even 30 minutes is good, right?) Then I'd go back to the bakery and pick up some baked goods for the next part of my flight because they are just that good!
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Best answer: Oh yes, you can totally get into the city: I did exactly this about two months ago. You walk out of the airport directly to the train and take it downtown. From exiting the airport I remember that taking 30 minutes total. If you get off at Kongens Nytorv, you're within easy walking distance of lots of cafes and shops. Or you can take a bus or taxi to the design museum which is about an additional 20 minutes. If you get back on the train about 5 you'll have plenty of time to make your flight.

If you do hang out in the airport don't pay to use the lounge. I did that once, too tired to check the cost, and realized afterwards I'd paid about USD 150. I drank some juice and ate a cookie and felt pretty stupid :/
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Best answer: leaving through customs will typically take much shorter than 1 hour. there is a luggage drop off between terminals 2 and 3 that you can use if you have heavy bags you don't want to carry around. the transporation from the airport to the city center is quick and easy. I would recommend taking the Metro to Kongens Nytorv (the stop for Nyhavn) and start your wandering around there. Actually, to see a really nice and quiet part of the city, go 1 stop further to Christianhavn, explore the houses along the canal and then just walk back to the city center. its all quite close, so you won't be terribly delayed. I agree that Andersen's bakery is very good, but its not a danish bakery, its actually japanese but they follow danish baking traditions.
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If you like to try interesting beers on your layover, I would also recommend the Mikkeller bar which is pretty close to the main train station. It opens at 2pm, and is definitely worth a visit.
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Best answer: I just flew into Copenhagen last week and customs took about five minutes. It's all very casual there. You'll have plenty of time.
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Yeah, just grab baked goods from any bakery (most of them have this sign hanging outside) and it'll be supergood.

If I were you, I'd grab the Metro to Kongens Nytorv, hang around Nyhavn and the adjecent square with the National Theatre right on it, then nip past the Stock Exchange (I love the Dragon Spire) & the Parliament, before spending an hour on the Prehistoric & Viking stuff at the National Museum, then catch the train from the Central Station back to the airport. Done.

I know, I know .. you're thinking "Prehistoric stuff, ugh" but the National Museum has some AMAZING things you won't find many places in the world: the Egtved Girl, the Sun Chariot, the oldest bows discovered anywhere in the world, the crazy Bronze Age lurs, 9000 year-old aurochs etc. Everyone I know who's visited has left going "woah, why did nobody tell me about this before?" And if that doesn't impress, the Viking stuff will.
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There's also a big food hall near Nørreport station (served by both Metro and S-train), which I can recommend if you're looking for a culinary themed layover.
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Best answer: Seconding all this "yes, do it" talk. I just got back from Copenhagen yesterday. The airport is seamlessly integrated into public transit, and you can get from the airport to the central train station in less than half an hour. There'll probably be a helpful airport staffer in a red vest waiting to guide you through the process at baggage claim, right beside the train ticket machine, but you only need to buy a 3 zone train ticket which will run you 36 DKK (~$5.50 USD) each way.

Nyhavn will underwhelm you, but it's an easy walk from there to Vor Frelsers Kirke (walk up the spire!) and Christiania, for instance. If you go to Christiania, a meal at Spiseloppen or Morgenstedet would be in order. There's also the Christianias Kunsthåndværk shop, almost directly across the street from Vor Frelsers, in case you'd like to peek at some of the handiwork for sale without wandering through the neighborhood (I think they're open 12-5 pm most weekdays).

I don't think customs/security took even 45 full minutes when I was coming into/leaving the city. If you're from the states, the airport experience will seem very efficient.

Do bring yourself some food back to the airport, though, or buy it and eat before you go through the checkpoint to get to the deep international wing. Once you move through passport control (assuming you're flying through that wing of Kastrup), the only food options are a 7-11 (seriously) and a little sandwich/juice stand. The part of the airport before passport control is glamorous and full of delicious food, in contrast.
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So many different variations! What are your primary interests?
I'd definitely go to Christianshavn or Kgs. Nytorv stations with the Metro rather than the main station with the Oresunds Train, if this is your first visit to CPH, or you don't envision coming back. Christianshavn and Kgs Nytorv both get you into the historical center with lots of different options depending on your interests, ranging from Christiania to all the important national museums and including shopping and dining.
The main station has Tivoli on one side and the meat packing district on the other - and the meat packing district is the same as in New York, except cuter and smaller: cafes, micro breweries, 50.000 hipsters, art galleries, great urban design and lots of fancy interior and product design… I actually like the idea of only going there, but you would have a very special image of Copenhagen and Denmark when you left.
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Response by poster: Good news, bad news. Our flight was delayed 2 hours getting into Copenhagen, so we didn't have enough time to leave the airport. But, had we had a full 6 hours, it would have been plenty of time. Marking some best answers for future travelers.
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